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^ЛѴ^оІ in В— 人二 of Industrial 
One year Unirerelty of Lw, ^™^/T Art má Boekprliitlng Ш 
ТЛ Î 工 І Plînt eo.po.itor 

for feu» 

Art dix-tor «d 

Berlin^e™«v Torlc. Author, deetgtter 

ЛГр^ГЖ —一 ― 
= -一 。 f ^ 一 

― <! ^ U« 一' ribbon for two ― 一 •" "一 

^гу I. fondor Suwl. sheet No 

161 West 54 th St Т'яу 16 ,189 6 

Few York 19, > T .Y. 


You Are. . . (Author of U T'odern Age Books Inc. 1937 

Better than Вея^у. . (Tllustr^tionfi for Uror ern Age Books 

Merri8ges Are Шйе et Home( Illustrations for)- Alfred Kno-pf ,1938 

Johnny set your Money , g Vorth ( " " ) Vsngusrd Dress, 1938 

Divorce If You "'ust • . . (illustr. for)- Covrerd FcCann,1938 

Shiver , the (Tlluetr for)- Julian I'essner, 1939 

Ploriâá, the Land of Cl^nge, University of Forth Сягоііпд Press, 1^42 

Snuirly the rarly pip (По author of) Island Workshop Press U9 41 

Peinberton: defender of "/i ckesburg (Illustr. ) University of North Csr.*o 

Funny Books (Parentfî Fa^pzinp Press) 1942-43 

Then Little Colorer"! Boys. . (Author of )• Kow^ll and Soskin 1942 

^гевРигу of the World finest Folksongs (jlluptr. of) Lowell & Soskin 

^Ье Secret Zoo Author of) T T ov/ell s nå Soplón 〕942 

You can Help Your Country 可 inn (illastr.of ) Vanguard Press, 1943 

Treesure Books of Puzzles (Author of) Action P^ptybooks. Inc 1945 

І >Tev T Vorld Symphony: Б vor як (Illustr of ) Henry Holt. 1945 

3>ony Sarg "Books (designed , Illustr. ) Jay. Puhl H use .1944 


Activities, Art teacher tt Problem Children, Lavenburg Corner House 

~ ■ New York i Lecturer япд entertainer on art in various 

Public Schools, Public Library, Eth Cuitar Society, Ся th 
Servies Club, Amer* '"omen """olurt Servicéi Red Crops, Ѵіпяпсе 
Csmpaipji of the Tresury Dept. 

4 'eekly Suramaries for Wiener Inf Service, 11 6 W. 46th S + 
(Press Translations) (1941-42) 

Illustrations 1948-49 

IT. S. ЪІ^^ІТ^ 0^ ,VAR: Principles on Behavior (Illustr ^o" Art j. Gen 
Off , Wa shinet on , Pentagon. 

Handbook of Tirées Analysis (illustr. for) Ilveri^ht Publ, V.Y. 19^1 

Parents Magazine Press: ? army T T e^8zines (illustr for) 

Western Printinghouse 3 200 Pi ft In Ave, IlliiPtr, design of comic 
pp^es, , booklets, leaflets (^o-oeye^Howd jdoody etc. 
Story Рэгайе (Illustr*) 

See Reference: ,Vho's ,7hoj I'ont^ly Su^-olenent 

'Time 194.3, Series рг="то 6. 

』 „я rofcsaion; 1 Activities 
Publications игл R ;y ?r:3 

Ао^втЙ^оаг endií^ Juna 30, I960 

July 1959 Book Кетіѳѵ: = ^Й。 1 

Therapeutic иве их wK" T' ,ПНІН 了' OF 

,an. f I960 。? 1 : 

April, 1960 Book 膽 i 曱 Tja D^ g^m^^f 

. rltt - Ttheraüy" article in M üs ays 

October, I960 "Art aaâ і;^У ™^^ огу/ ^ ed. by D. К. 
in indivi duei ' л , 、【 J , 
Adler, GRO« w^^% 

^ап. 27. 1959 

^ , 1960 — oth 戲 РУ 气== 

Q ^ jm ^ t bureau of , .Chljj 


л л of the ChiH in 

13. i960 Art and ъ: ,严 :丄; ^二 tft Center for 
• , '-、 гс^Ю!ѵЬ f озѵгг : 丄" '二 ― 

;. arcli-AOTÎl, 

196 二 amanee and 


а РУ 4 


Use of Creative i 
with Child-t'ön (Pc 

11 . -. o t、 、 г' Г t , py ) 

Ledia In Psyehotherapy 

:^iOV7 !• Gond ? r a 备 
Certified tsycholoçist 
Ciinioal ^,Í3t.Jit in Psyohi^ry 

Emery I« Gondor 

Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry 
Nev: York Medical College, N. Y. 

175 East 74th St. f Apt. 18-B 
New York, N. Y. 10021 
(212) BU 8-0902 

(Wife, Mrs. Lily H. Gondor. (212) UN 卜 L5t、〉 

Medicare No. 066-16-5227-A 

Family physician; Dr. Egon Lustig 
130 East 63rd St. 9 N.Y. 10021 
(212) PL 3-1333 

Cardiologist: Dr. Kurt Berliner 
~ 1235 Park Ave" N.Y. 10028 
(212) AT 9-44¿i4 

BLCQO T№: O - RH 十 

FAMILY HISTORY: Daughter (from first raarri tge) 

Married; 3 healthy, well-a ljusted children « 

Father died at age 86 (sclerosis) 
Mother ditei at age 76 (іиГ л,И«лі} 
Sbftr Я brother died in World W'r II 、 

Sister, age 60, healthy, ш rried No VD, no mental illness, 

、 со allergies 

CASE HISTORY: Born May 16, 1896 : 

1-8 /ears. German measles f s*: arlet fever t tonsilectoray t etc. 
12 years. Appendicitis (operation) 
20 years. Cath, apicis puLmoris 9 lateris utriusquo 

26 years. Deviatio septi (corrected) . Alg. Krankenhaus (Prof, Нлрек, 

Dr. Waldapfel) 

34 years . Duod. ulcer (cured oy diet) , Jew Krankenhaus (Prof, Strauss , Dr «Cohen) 


New York: 19^6 



Auto accident , 7 fractures (tibia , fibula, radius) 
10 months in hospital ; total recovery. 
(Hospital for Joint Diseases; Dr. Stephen Wahl) 

Passed army examination for overseas service. Served in France ,Germany 
Hernia (operated in U.S. Army hospital ) .CMuenich} 

Hemorrhoids (Flower & Fifth Ave. Hospital; Dr. Mersheimer) 

Bening prostatic hyper ti'ophy, difficulties in urination. 
Operated (Flower &. Fifth Ave, Hospital ; Dr. Andronaco) 
After operation, at home f pulmonary embolism (Dr, Lax) 

1963. Eyes: 


OD.25 -1.00 AX 100 OD 2 base out 

OS -1,25 AX 05 OS 2 base out 

Distance - Diplopia (corrected by Hookover) ; Dr* Benj . Friedraan 

Dr. Andronaco) 

Mar. 31-Лрг. A. Myocordial infarction 

(Flower ^ Fifth Ave, Hospital; Dr. Lustig ref • to Dr 
1966. Dec. 4-18, Paroxismal f ibri lation (Dr. Lustig) 

1966. Jan. Stricture > < 

Feb. Epididymitis/ (Flover & Fifth Ave. Hospita 
1968. Jan. 19-30. Paroxismal atrial f ibrilatipn 

(Flower L Fifth Ave. Hospital; Dr. Lustig, Dr, Berliner) 
SJn^e 1968. July. Atrial If ibri Lation, Arrythmia absolute. 
1970. Sept, 16. Abdominal aortic aneurysm (had been observed before) 
Dr« Roy Henry Clauss , 

Dr. Wersheimer's office, 73 Central Park W, , N.Y. 10023 

(212) 362-1111 - 
Oct. 13-31, Resection of aneurysm and reconstruction of aortic i 1 1 i ac 
dacron prostetic graft. Operated by Dr, Clauss and 
Dr. Sha Moallem (2І2-679-3200) at Flower and Fifth Ave. H 



Emery I •Gond от 

2 W est 86th3treet f New York 24, N.Y. 
1906.U Hunanistio 口^ fSS'st 



1920- 23 

1921- 23 


Theraputie ^огк atFirst Ouid-nca Center 
Ín Vi: 處 (Dr. Alfred Adler) 

Classes and —are (Dr. Adler f 

Work with mentally 4e ^i~*f lldr№ 
in Ѵімга (Pro" Dr. Sscherioh, 

and personal analyeis ) 、,' 

IN U>S>A_ t 

1947 to 

Dr. Smil ^ thei A ^ Й ^ Г dp з?ѳ/іа ^ess f 、 

Participated in -严 Dr G ::^ 
Dr» Alexander -olf • 

Completed personal analyst, and analysis 
in grou" therapy • 

Staff Member: Alfred f^^^AT 
Center and T/ental П ^ 一 ¿ou^ 
charra of ^^^,^^^г Т Уг fílate 

S-l-- D" H 一 


-2 — 

1950 to 







Research As.istant^ ^1956 CUnical 

liS-r^ 韻- 

rin for diagnosis and treatment. 

in addition member of the staffBBL^ 

rer to the Postgraduate ■J^^ffT 


Services , 

and Prof, Herbert H. Hyman. 
participated in therapy group. 

íoUgfí^ Projective Teat, designed 
' "of «Werner Víolff 


work for Censorship Office}, л 
Security Division 3. 

n T 。T> 一 я Servicet 

France and Germany U^c Dopt of V/^.^ 
йМ-Ж。: Colonel 
Sydney Brigrs. 

«Тау 16.1896 

^fceïb^rlc West 

New York 25> ^Л. , 

,呷^ n 《f 8t 。glÜ!ü^ 

^іѳсе of 


Title of Position 

-ПітН RB 一 

― • л+ ^4 в iq 20-24 PUBLICATIONS: 
Тіешш i Austria « r 1)le stande 


De^Tøg (Democratic) 
Allgemeine Zeitung 

Illustre tor ft 

^ЙЖ 026011 ? 921- 23 

(Concurrent with 

Copenhegeh»Demnert 19 24 
bondon,Englend 1924-25 

Slovenskl Sveta 

Clods Нвпѳ» weekly 
VTestudnster Weekly 

青 禱 

Berlin aerineny 1923-36 

TJLLSTEIN-Publishlng House 

rorgenpost Art Director, end tecn- 

B# z. am Kit te g п±08І supervisor ox 

Tempo л Illustrations. 

Berliner Allgemeine 



G-ruene Posx 

Editor of Children's 
T> eg e, & Fail Box. 

Advertising Selee Dept 


end Verlag Scbneiaer.beipzig 

yunkstande,Berlin chlidren # e Pag«) 

^оІіо^&Г^г 1934-35. 

y I .Gondar 


1906 - 

1915 - 
1918 一 



1920 • 1923 

1920 一 1923 

1921 - 1923 

1926 • 1930 

Br^juiîstia Oynnasium f : r naû rost 
Ao'/:〕ny of rl rr» ^hlo Art, Dudariest 

Jbinfro i n ■■.ojnl ITnivwreity 

Th«rap«utlo Work at Pint QuA anee Center In 7і«шш 
(Dr. Alfred Adler) 

Classes aai Sminare (D3% Adío -, Dr. lïeur©: ) 

Work vith nentally d of ic lent chïttren in Vienna (Prof. 
Dr« ::eoherioh 9 Dr« Pollntr) 

Senlnars In Therapy (Dr, Alfred űlor, Vienna, Dr, Fritz 
Kuenlcel. P lin # ond ^гявпаі anolr^îs ) 

(After t ,e ffret World War there wer« too courses In 
ОІІЛІМІ chol4Cf-:Vt the Unirersity of Vienna* I Ь 
my trtxlnlng li psychology outside of Uiilvoi : ' ties In the 
Firet Clillil C^Aidaace Center« ) 

The U'l.lvevsity о the :p for tate and thm Board of Sx miner 
gtnm тзт the Cortifloat« No« 2156 aa psychologist on June 
23, 1959. 

Enery I.Oondor 

February 1950 
to npo^ent : 

195 "t。 — Cllnie a A3 iotant in i—try, ^ 
Flower a d Tl ЛЬ ^^П; 丄^ • yifth Атепие, !ЛС 

Under theae 
with rfitoxd' 


In О 

wMWMlntnncts I conduct play th' 
ohildrea, enotian ІІУ 
! drtn for diagnoeiB and troetaent 

Tl d 

it* Mferred Ъу the ^ 1 - 1 ^^ 
the ^»yoUl-trlc a ^ЬІ 

j-lnlc • 

,grum and іштв thre авгія tants. 

- J ,, 

т шЛЛ1ѣ1вг i aamber of th« eteff as lecturer to tbj 

Ï4>3t-Graduatc Training .-^^^^ 1а1д в of peyohologiste, 

^St ri J»lSÍÍSlS ^ ^Гепі af Psyohiatrr. 

Ав staff member, 
psyohologleal fi 
anâ trca^ont t, v 

funotion ae a pe^bologist presenting 
іпм i term of fllagnoeea, •T'.rluat.on 
Vt¿ th e use of Art anö Ploy material 濕 

Мііт>егѵ1діоп: Ъу :^Тш H. 
— ре écologie 

Mitli, HÎ,D, t irect r of 

ï>iP©ctor of the СПІІЛ 

Ib Peyehlatry 


lai î' T J>" D ireotor of the 
30 hour* # #ö ly 

1947- to 孤. 3taf f !一 A^rî ^ Ж„Ж"и n - 

л ùn rî 卩 lav Therapy Group and •。 ^яві- 

of the Medical Director 

ür# Alexandra Adler, Pfsyohintrirt f 
»'ediool Dir«otar. 

MBtonm conducted indirldually and in groupe* i 

в hoviPB weekly 

1950 一 1953 Private Praotlee i hou ™ , к1У , d 

Зпох'У 工 •Gond от 
1953 to p»3ent 

1956 - 1957 

195 > 一 1956 
Oot^Wune 30 

1953 I 1954 
Oct* Jan. 

1951 • 1951 
July Aug. 




3.9U - 1945 

19W - 1945 

Experience Continual 

iTlvato Practio« 

15 hours vm yjj 

Children with emot Innal disturfcanoes (peförred by 
elisio or psychiatrist) anâ their ^ente. 

Orientation townrde th; 
York Aree Profrnv: o-: t' 

•ey in y 
mi ty" (P 
' Colog» t 

y of Children" 
of th« New 

w York) 

«meultarit, Art and Pier. Therapiet, л З*шЛ*ггу 


hardline Fsyehotlo ohIláren) e 
І Dr* APOhle Silver 看 


Colu Ъіа U 
sultent, •: 
survey аде 
röf ♦ Her 1 

MWrtwnt of Sociolocgr* As con- 
曝 lop Tleual training ©rte rial for 
»ject undor Prof. Lazorefeld гтй 

Щтт Vftterf ord t Coure otieut 

ire weekly 
; 1st aid Play 
rouTfe for potard#d 

ire weekly 

Test) in ooo 
0' -"viàHon. 

xtnent of Peyobology: Devele p^d anfl 

■♦ n 《Pro¿*ctivs Tertt Ploturt Conple- ion 

on with Prof, V/orner V/olff t Annandalt- 

Тияаг Coll«M. Departøet of I*yeholo«r« 
¿opyri^-ted: ^-reonality Tost- Іл oooper 
т, ф Joseph 3tone t роивдкѳервге, 

•oed ond 

ith Prof 

Pictorial intorri«. about obildreiist ^ 1 ^^ " 
lo^ad for the Нозвагса I' st i tute far ^гіо^п o ev/leü 

ÍSuoTtion: on îStlmla Group bîwibershîp. (Project witű 
ï^rof • lïu^ene Hartley) 

Helped to dewlop new teste, ^ 10 ^^.^^^^^^ 5 ' 
for the Inotitute for Research in vMld ^ c 
^ter С&Зо^в, №vr York é (Two Projecte under irotM от 
Gardner Mnhx) 

Teaching and f^iidln« ar ative ѵю 
▼oloï»'e:it at Seincel and ( retel н 
55 V/öit 70th treet f New York Ci 

for шгаэпаіііу d» - 

т, eb- г • of t e xrt-Grmip tor adol#eoents and Juvenil© 


' г In the United 3tftta Oorornnent Зегѵіо» 

Coneultent of 
Division 3* (( 
Ofrioe e for g: 
Also pr î>ared 
of tbo Labore. 

.s Atimà іх-ьвгіпі. ? Зршоія -; •ourltr 

Iflød pevcholorteal work for СвпаогЛір 
« sent отвгвмв Ъ - tbe **іг Derertnent/ 
jtoriai trr:inin¿ raterial for tbm Chief 
section ,: • С* Иегов. 

^ 1QoM ,一 Contint 


Abolit <ûx" іЛгоп for th« 
ig25 一 1935 Writhe ^?^Йо Э ^ Srlln, 0««ШУ 

1921 • 192ÍÍ- worîdmç um" 

IS^rSc West 
Vew York 25, H 

- ~ / А „ + ъ г of) - Kodein Age Воокв IncA", 
You ire... (Author oxj ^ ^ ftn for^.-.Kodern Age Books, 1937 
Better than ^ 晰 •• Лта^^оп for) .. Alfre a Knop 1938 

^«ieges Axe ― et ^^ f^^l^on for) .Vanguard Pxeee,1938 

noride,Land of ^^-^^^ôf) island Workshop Ртввв,1941 
S.ulrly.the Curly Pigíco-.athor ot) IJ 5eCørollne University Рхезв 

Ten Little Colored ^ 8 ( в Ц^^^ 11и ^^. • ) Howell & ^,1942 
TM0B ow of the World Pineet folkeongetm 

Secret Zoo. - ( ^ ^ ^ ¿ ^^otíVaneoard Prese ,1943 
Tou een H elp Toux Ooantxy Winn ^ 1944 
Magic Hovie = 1 play Bocs ШС.1945 
W Boofc of 了 1 : 二^ Henxy Holt,1947 

? SSí.SrviSvar Finance Свшр.-івП oX « 3ervi ce(irL.W.46 + h St) 

^ merie8 . Al , re d Wiener^ information Servi ce U^^^ 
,化, Y Ртвяя Яитшпатіеа^і 19 48 

— Р¥ева 譯一。 〜- "、 А г' О 1948 

^^^-р- - ― ,0r) A 

^ - л ^ Sappl. Sheet No 1« 

161 West 54 th St W*y 16 » lfi96 

New York 19» 

薩變觀 嚷黪, 

il; "orld Symphony: Dvorak (Illuetr of ) Henry Hol U" 

к ^ Лѵ м^ лЯ Art teeoher tt T>roblem Children, Le vertt^g Comer House 
Activities, Art ; m^er Bnd entertainer on ert in ѵвгіоив 

; ^ ^ъ^ІвГ^иЪІі с ЫЪгвгу, Eth Caitur Society^Ceth 

jlnS^U V ^î Servloe,Bed Cross, Finance 

Campaign of the Treetiry Dept. 

WMkly вшпшвгіва for Wiener inf Servlce,ll6 W. 46th 8 + 
(7>res3 Tranelatione) ( 1941-42 J 

Illuetrations 1948^49 A ^ . - „ 

ff.S. BBt>ATT4W№ 0l> Ші Prlndplee on Behavior (Ulustr for) Adj.Oen 

Off |Weehingtoft»PentHgon. 
Hendbook of Втеяш Analysis (Ulufltr. for) Uverlght РаЪІ, F.Y. 1951 

Parente Magazine Prese: Рапяу HBgezlnee(Illttetr tor) 
Story Parade (Uluetr») 

See Ref ѳгвпое : 

Who 'в ѵѢо$ Monthly Supplerent 
jun« 1943, Serles IV» NO 6. 


― 1В96 3 — , ― f ― che Kunst-, — S, 

Matura 1915, ――一 一" ' — " 

Kunetgewerbeechule Wien. 

Uberetedlung naoh "i<m 19^0 

Tátidéit in Wlem . uhr natt, 

Portraits und Кагікагигвп ѵ 1еіме Blatt, 

Der AW. О. 一, ^ 一 S, Z — , - . Л 

Die Uskete, etc. л . rnckt leru^te 

re л SiUe daes bekannte Zeichner in Kabarets auf- 

.„ten wo ^ W be^te beute, Typen un 

" " Dies fihrta zu langen Engageante in den davale eahr 

™ — — i: 二 . 一 ^ 

- - '― - 一:: 二二— - 
Viele Zeichnungen wurden auch bei groeeen 

一 ; ― ― ^ : 

。 erun , "一 ― - - W ѵэ ^,— — " 

Ause un 考 n in London, "erlin. '"ien. 

Z "― - 如一 ? 。"一 - 
1955 Auewandírung naoh U.S.A. 
Illustrator von zahlreiohen B^ohern. 

e Interee8 . in Psychologie undVer*dun, von un, 

( u ,o eeee , verein ^ Indlvl a^. y c hol o„.. 

P — 。 ― - -二 ^ „ ― ІЛ 

verfott t И И — ""г Be— d" — "一 B-deutunf 

E "W;"— f in Kunst.her aP ie ( Art , Play Therapy) ^ * 
in the nowr . KifthAv Hospitals. Ne. YorK Vedical College. Consultant ^ 
Pro1ekt e fttr Columbia Unlvereity , City Coll e ge ; ©tc. 
1959 Oiplo. ale Clinical Paycholo4et New Yor. Stefe "niver.ity. 
ZMTeic ^ Ѵег^Ге Uicnun 5 en in ørenden wieeeneCa^Uc^n Ze^^i^n und 


=n nrth Лѵ«. Ho— le, M e tropolita., Koepltel/ 

Emery I. Gondor , . 

Clinical Assistant Professor ш Psychiatry 
New York Medical College, N. " 

175 East 74th S", Apt 
New York, N. Y. Ю021 
(212) BU 8-0902 


(Wifef Mrs. Uly H. Condor. (212) Ш; l-。63) 

Medicare Wo. 066-16-5227-A 

Fanr:ly physician: Dr, Egon Luati 
— ГО E^T-ólTd-St., N.Y. 10021 

(212) PL 3-1333 
Ca-;diolo S ist: Dr. Kurt Berliner 
""изГРІТІГ Ave., N.Y. 賺 8 

(212) AT 


一 ^霍: ; ebU^n 

Father died at age 86 (sclerosis) 
Mother died at age 76 (infection) 

1396 _____ ― " 

German measles, scarlet fever,, etc. 
Appendicitis (operation) • 
Cath. apicis pulmonis, Uteris utriusquo 

line s s y 

CASE HISTORY: Born May 16 


1-8 /ears 
12 years. 
20 years. 

26 years. 

34 years. 

Alg, Krar.kenhaus (Prof. Илрек, 

Dr. Waldapfel) 

ulcer (cured by diet). Jew Krankcnhaus (Prof. Strauss f Dr.Cobcr)l 

Deviatio septi (corrected) 

Hew York; 


Auto accident, 7 fractures (tibia, fibula, radius; 

10 months in hospital; total recovery. 

(Hospital tor Joint Diseases; Dr. Stephe. W.hU . 
Pas.ea ,y exaction for overseas se^ce Served in F^",— 
Hernia (operated in U.S. Army hospital) ЛИиепіс v 

Hemorrhoids (Flower & Fifth Ave. Hospital; Dr. Mershcimer) 
Benin S prostatic hypertrophy, difficulties in urination. 
Operated (Flower & Fifth Лѵе. Hospital; Dr. Andronaco) 
After operation, at home, pulmonary embolism (Dr. Lax; 

1963. Eyes 

ÜD.25 -1.00 ЛХ 100 OD 2 base out 

OS -1.25 AX 85 OS 2 base out 

Distance - Diplopia (corrected by Hookover); Dr. Denj 






Маг 31-Лог. 4. Myocordial infarction # 

(По'сЛ Fifth Le. Hospital; Dr. Lustl, ref. to Dr. BerUner) 
Dec, A-18. ' Paroxismal atrial fibrilation (Dr. Lustig, 

HI'. Kidid^itis} (Flow.r & m4h Ave. Hospital; Dr. Andronaco) 
jan. 19-30. Paroxismal atrial fibrilation 

(Flowc, L Fifth Ave. Hospital; Dr. Lusti^, Dr. Berliner) 
1968. Ju^y; Atrial fibrilation. Arrytbmia absolute. 
"Sept. 16, Abdominal aortic aneurysm (had been observed before) 
Dr. Rey Henry Clauss 1ПЛ01 
Dr. 二 ei 丄, s office, 73 Central Park W. , N.Y. Ю023 

Oct. L3-3lî 3 Re¡íction 。£ aneurysm and reconstruction of aortic illiac 
* dacron prostatic graft. Opcr,ted by Dr. C= = 

Dr. Sha fallera (212>679-3200 at Flower and Fifth Av.. H 

一终 Pi (and Dr-Andronaco ^/^^^^(РЬ^/й-іТгб 

OcU Н""^。^^^Г;;. Г 厶 East öpth St m 10021 ^ 

0cUl ^ 5 iw—'"w ""力 ; (― c 。) 


í-.Ento г o coce 

a 。-, 8 ― u, 而 a.u y - о. 5 — 一一 ) 
二—" —一一 :° 

rare ^ V - , f * 、 

Лрг T9- Apr 27 " daily ^ W、."' 

daily Ü X I ^5 Icord , 
1 X 25 m5 Lanoxin 

w 、 xMdotrcam culture. Enterococci. 
< Julyl-20 ^^А^ ^ ng K<3fl03 c 

SMA 16 = даѵІАЬ r аіѵо г1іси1,е,1аг б о pronto 

ÎYP - В roñal .caicuiuo 

• MiocorüU-i '¿K ^、― " 一、 " 

一 ― ―二^ ^一—一 

-faca of both "二二 

麟 OX l;4n 3 cUono) 

Theracebrin 2X( lennagram) 

ïntorcoetal KuQCular Pftin 
Neuralgic ^іп 

Jan. 25 - Febr.l5« , ,, v 

Avenue ";,^^ 一 

inerte f co T 3Uve ^^^^^ 

refipir^tion infection. ..исссэ У _ Fe br. 1? 1》 l fae 

\ l%oloi% gr^in (Iron) 1" ideations Зегосса О 
I 3urf ас/Val iua k-6 mg in. а dsy 

£¡¿Éñ^¡ilaOO E 77^h f NY 21 

Dr Dorothy Kun в ta dt 
admitted, tests, cardiac statue 

Seot. 17 - Oct.^nj Ь^пг ѴЛП Hospital,, 

« 4 X 10 ag. 

0.25 mg I 0.575 m- 



-res, Ecv 


daily 80 mg. 
120 mg. 

(p^es^: rfitroglycerin e/X 5 

Col lace 2 x 10。 ^ ( 0x " 7 lb .) 

weight at pdmiseion« 1^2 lb (Oct. J